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ByREV WP-PICShield is probably the world’s best wordpress plugins to protect against hotlinking images by search engines and other sites that basically steal your bandwidth, decrease the traffic on your site, and you can lose a large amount of revenue … and is absolutely FREE.

If you want to know about hotlinking, here is more info and resources :

Now you know how stop image hotlinking and bandwidth theft and why you should be and protect your images … because hotlink images is theft !

what you can do with this plugin:

  • defines a list of other sites (referrer) that are allowed to display images from your site.
  • defines a list of search engines or bots that are allowed to access/crawl the real images
  • Plugin uses htaccess rewrite rulse, so you must have rewrites enabled (permalinks) in order to use this plugin, otherwise WP-PICShield not working. In fact it is absolutely necessary to use PHP version 5+ and GD library.

Feature, advantages and configuration options:

  • Served files from cache, for faster response
  • Anti-IFRAME Protection, make sure that your site content is not displayed embed in another website (a.k.a bing search images result)
  • Custom image transprency value
  • Custom PNG watermark filename
  • Watermark over image custom position: top, center, bottom
  • Custom Watermark image/opacity
  • Write source host over images
  • Send Hotlink Protection Signature in Images Header (optional, disabled by default)
  • Redirect direct-link images from google images to: attachment template page or to single/gallery page (optional, enabled by default)
  • Custom URL/Page link for “Not Found” images
  • Maximum size in megapixels for protected files. Avoid memory errors for big files
  • Protection against unauthorized requests
  • Allow Online Translators (optional, enabled by default)
  • Special image, dynamically generated, served as a warning to visitors with blank referer; Available for those who need it!

Very important, before use and install:

Varnish, Lighthttpd, and other “cache” services is not 100% compatible with this plugin … probably only if cache is disabled for all images.
CDN images will not be redirected and no watermarked (if they are served correctly) … so, clearly, this plugin is suitable only for standard installation and for CDN with custom htaccess configurable by webmasters. CDN users must ensure that the images served by the CDN’s server may be manual updated or have expiration period.
Beware of those who use the Jetpack. CDN wordpress (Photon) never expire, and the lowest WP-PICShield version that allows Photon to take pictures correctly is 1.8.9.d ! If you are unsure, do not use this plugin. Photon Cache can not be updated, watermark images remain forever (unless you change the images path or filename)

To use this wordpress plugin, you just need to get archive plugin from download page … is for free and with no obligation.

You are not convinced how WP-PICShield it works? Try to Hot-Link to any image from this site and you will immediately notice the result. Hundreds or even thousands of free images you find in Category Archives: Free Images

Printscreen from plugin settings


Google Images Search Engine


Bing Images Search Engine

Bing Images Search Engine - NO IFRAME

Yahoo Images Searh Engine


Note: Using this plugin is at your own responsibility. We do not answer questions concerning your servers performance, security or otherwise.

3 Responses to About Plugin

  1. haber says:

    hello. its perfect plugin thanks but i need help.

    I changed my domain and I redirected the old domain to new domain. (301 redirect) BUT if the visitor comes from an old domain, old domain image links gives an error (image not found)

    if deactive plugin no problem. help me please? thanks, regards

    not: i am added old domain Allowed Remote IP

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