Frequently Asked Questions / Questions and Answer about ByREV WP-PICShield WordPress Plugin

Why messages appear at the top of the page after saving options ?

*  Background RED messages is if something went wrong, and there are problems.
*  Gray Background is verbose, to understand what operations were executed.

I see no change, how to check if it works?

  • *  Search image in seach engines a.k.a. google and click on thumbs
  • *  Copy image link and paste in browser url bar, refresh 2 times
  • *  Remove cusom htaccess code from upper images folder
  • *  Cache riles from htaccess interferes with functioning plugin
  • *  Images is linked from another site or from CDN
  • *  image type is not recognized by php

Why not redirect all clicked images (from google) to articles on the blog ?

  • * Browser, your ISP or your Antivirus does not send referer.
  • *  image was not found in any article or attachment
  • *  associated meta information is incorrect or has been altered
  • *  a 404 error was generated
  • *  image type was not added to the configuration
  • *  image type is not recognized by php

I see low-resolution images after thumb-click in search engines, why ?

  • *  image type is not recognized by php
  • *  image size is over plugin settings.
  • *  image not found
  • *  error occurred in htacces or in php script

it’s a safe redirection since with other plugins many images have lost rankings

  • if you lose rank means that Google adopt anticompetitive practices which actually is illegal
  • example: present the original image with hotlinks is illegal in Germany.
  • it is your right not allowed as direct access to images,
  • is your work and you have all the rights to protect from bandwidth theft.
  • proper redirection is more important because it is contextual, while in google imags not.
  • and lastly, if withou plugin my visits decrease by 70% what sense does rank the pictures?
  • with as many webmasters will block access to full sizze images and hotlinking, google, bing and yahoo will convince that what they do is not good

No cache folder?

  • Try to create cache folder manualy (in blog root), and set write permissions …
  • Check if the cache folder from plugin name corresponds exactly with folder from blog.
  • Verify again write permissions !

Very important: Read before use and install!

Varnish, Lighthttpd, and other “cache” services is not 100% compatible with this plugin … probably only if cache is disabled for all images.
CDN images will not be redirected and no watermarked (if they are served correctly) … so, clearly, this plugin is suitable only for standard installation and for CDN with custom htaccess configurable by webmasters. CDN users must ensure that the images served by the CDN’s server may be manual updated or have expiration period.
Beware of those who use the Jetpack. CDN wordpress (Photon) never expire, and the lowest WP-PICShield version that allows Photon to take pictures correctly is 1.8.9.d ! If you are unsure, do not use this plugin. Photon Cache can not be updated, watermark images remain forever (unless you change the images path or filename)

Decision I-20 U 42/11 Dusseldorf Court of Appeal 8 October 2011

In Germany making content available to the public on a website by embedding the content with inline links now appears to be copyright infringement. This applies even though a copy has never been taken and kept of an image and even though the image is never “physically” part of the website. The Dusseldorf appeal court overruled the lower Court of First Instance in this case. The Defendant had included links on his blog to two photographs which appeared on the Claimant’s website. No prior permission had been sought or obtained. See “German Court: Deep Linking Is Legal”
source: wikipedia

5 Responses to FAQ

  1. b says:


    Ive had this installed for several months and by all accounts was working great tne then discovered today, that simply typing a post name into any SE, Google, Bing etc and all of the images are available – large format and the watermarking is gone.

    Any idea what could have happened to cause it to sop working?


    • byrev says:

      mybe u change server ? hosting ? … installed varnish ?

      • bcr8tive says:

        No byrev, none of those things. Nothing has changed. I just happened to notice people hotlinking images again – I checked the popular browsers and found my images direct again – when for months the plugin was working and only the watermarked images were shown. I’m frustrated – I NEED it to work. Too many thieves!

  2. John says:

    Any idea how to remove the watermark from the favicon ? all of my sites’ favicon are now look so strange with the dark-shield…

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